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"Unveiling Our Hidden History & Telepathic Future: The Spiritual Awakening of Mankind"

Angelika Whitecliff

Human evolution did not happen in a linear fashion as taught by outdated Darwinian Theory, it takes place as a dynamic process that is governed by consciousness which knows no bounds. Using evidence from cutting edge archeologists such as Michael Cremo, Ms. Whitecliff gives a cogent argument that anatomically modern humans have lived on Earth for hundreds of millions of years and perhaps longer. She persuasively demonstrates that humanity’s ancestors were far more developed in cultural and spiritual terms than commonly accepted. Also, the latest in micro-biology and how to improve our own DNA, a recent scientific study which displays that telepathic communication is possible due to quantum entanglement, and information about the upliftment of consciousness taking place within our galaxy and on our planet.



Angelika Whitecliff is a multi-disciplinary researcher involved in the study of consciousness, multidimensional communications and humanity's extraterrestrial origin. She has been a conscious clairvoyant and telepath since childhood, and has been actively communicating with beings of different vibrational frequencies her entire life. Angelika has also had several physical interactions with benevolent, human extraterrestirals who are here to assist humanity in a planet wide spiritual awakening. Angelika is a Director for the Exopolitics Institutue which she helped found with Dr. Michael Salla. She was co-organizer the 2006 Extraterrestrial Civilizations & World Peace Conference and the 2007 Earth Transformation Conference in Kona, Hawaii . She conducts "Venusian Telepathy Retreats" & "ET/Dolphin Contact seminars". She is also co-founder of a website dedicated to promoting diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial life. An expanded bio is available here. Her writings are available here.








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